Creating space for what is


Feeling off and allowing that

Last night I was sitting at my daughter’s bedside. She couldn’t sleep because she was feeling nauseous and was worried about it. Together we focused our attention on the feeling and creating space for it. She is used to that, but it’s always easier with someone to guide you towards the discomfort and allowing it.


Discernment: is it really yours? 

When I asked her if the feeling was hers or someone else’s (she can be quite an empathic sponge 😉), she hesitantly said: “Not mine, I think.” She told the energy to leave her body and released it from her system.


God’s love

And then there was space. I felt the deep love of god filling that space in her system. She started laughing. I asked her what she was feeling: “I think you’re soooooooo sweet.” I asked her if that was really what she was feeling, or if it could be something else. “It’s something else,” she said very clearly. “It’s like I love éverything, not just you.”
“I think you’re feeling the energy of source, of god,” I told her.
She looked at me and said: “Yes, that’s it.”


Allowing is the key

Being aware of your emotions, thoughts, beliefs and judgements and allowing and accepting them in a compassionate way, creates space.  For me it’s the most important spiritual practice. It’s fundamental, simple, but not always easy. Trusting that everything is always perfect, creates space to feel your essence and the deep, infinite love of god. 

Do you feel like you need support in this? Know that you don’t have to do it alone. I am happy to be there for you. You can find the ways to work with me here