Autumn Equinox Reflection

Today is the autumnal equinox. That is the day when day and night are the same length all over the world. The perfect balance between dark and light. And in the Northern Hemisphere we are slowly entering the days where the nights are getting longer and the days are getting shorter. The days of turning more inward.

Equinoxes are about the balance between dark and light. Between rest and action. Between inside and outside. Between unconscious and conscious. To align with yourself…

We, Femke & Stephanie, always use these moments to reflect, using the energy of the moment. We journal, using oracle and tarot cards. Together we make a list of questions that we use as an entry point for reflection. We love doing this so much. It always feels like a sacred ritual.

And we love to share the one we made for this autumn with you:

card spread; tarot; oracle; card; equinox; femke klomp; bemmel

You can draw a card for each question and reflect on what the card describes. I always think the great thing about working with oracle cards is that they shine such a beautiful light on what is unconscious or give you confirmation of something you already knew. Sometimes it also means that you get a push to really look at something that you have been dismissing for a while. And sometimes it is completely new and you don’t see what the card wants to tell you. I then take it with me for a while, in contemplation. Or I’ll draw another one for clarification.

If you don’t have any cards, you can also use the questions to write down what comes to mind. Meditate briefly beforehand and set the intention to write down everything that comes to mind, without censorship. You can also use a book of wisdom and open it to any page. Read what it says and what you get out of it.

Create a sacred space for yourself with essential oil, a candle, stone, herbs, music that you like, flowers… Enjoy!

Femke Klomp & Stephanie van Workum